About Us

Making renewable energy accessible to all

The energy transition to energy democracy

European’s and Latam´s energy market is undergoing a fundamental transition from a system based on fossil fuels and nuclear power towards one based entirely on renewable energy.

It is also transforming from a centralised market dominated by large utilities to a decentralised market with millions of active energy citizens or “prosumers”. Without prosumers, the energy transition is not possible. Empowering citizens to produce and consume their own energy is about democratising the energy system.

This energy transition will require a considerable investment that will be paid for by citizens: as consumers, as tax payers or as money savers. Citizens therefore should be at the heart of this energy transition. They should have control of their energy production, transportation, distribution and their energy supply. SWITCHENERGY strongly believes that renewable energy cooperatives are ideal partners to lead the energy transition to energy democracy.

SwitchEnergy was founded in 2020 with the ambition to contribute to building a better and cleaner future, changing the way in which energy is produced. Ethics and Responsibility are the foundations of our business approach. We are firmly committed to preserving the environment, contributing to social and economic development and ensuring a better future, promoting a sustainable low-carbon economy

What do we do?

Our goal is to develop community-owned renewable energy projects, through small investors, cooperatives, municipalities.

SWITHENERGY is an innovative developer of small scale, distributed generation and utility-scale wind and solar energy projects in EUROPE and LATAM. Powered by the belief that the future will run on clean energy, our team delivers wind & solar projects to communities, utilities, cooperatives energy and commercial and institutional customers. We build trust with landowners, communities, and customers to help them achieve a cleaner, brighter energy future.


The call for concrete action and urgent measures to make the climate, the environment and our society more sustainable is growing louder. The decisive factor in this discussion is our energy production and our energy consumption. Electricity is a precious commodity in our society and in our way of living and acting.

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