SWITCHENERGY, is an innovative developer of Small Medium Scale Renewable Energy, windmills and solar plants

Develops, invests in and operates renewable energy assets in Latin America and Europe to maximize value and long term returns for investors.

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Energy commercialization

Differentiated energy commercialization strategy in each market anchored on energy market fundamentals.

Capital investment

Optimization of capital allocation to each investment phase throughout the life of the asset.

Focus on execution

Disciplined commercial and operational oversight of each asset.

Clients, Partners & Investors

Long term relationships with our clients, partners and investors.

Our business model

A business model where citizens jointly own and participate in renewable energy.

We create a culture of life

Making renewable energy accessible to all.

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What do we do?

Our goal is to develop community-owned renewable energy projects, through small investors, cooperatives, municipalities.

SWITHENERGY is an innovative developer of small medium scale, distributed generation and utility-scale wind and solar energy projects in EUROPE and LATAM. Powered by the belief that the future will run on clean energy, our team delivers wind & solar projects to communities, utilities, cooperatives energy and commercial and institutional customers. We build trust with landowners, communities, and customers to help them achieve a cleaner, brighter energy future.


The call for concrete action and urgent measures to make the climate, the environment and our society more sustainable is growing louder. The decisive factor in this discussion is our energy production and our energy consumption. Electricity is a precious commodity in our society and in our way of living and acting.


First, SWITCHENERGY designs and builds a small set of wind or solar projects, these projects are located in normally rural areas, with a good wind or solar resource depending on the project, these projects are built near electrical substations. Citizens committed to climate change can then sign up through a trusted provider to purchase energy from our renewable energy projects.

The broad base and international distribution ensure independence and reduce risks.

Guaranteed feed-in tariffs make it possible to calculate earnings.

SWITCHENERGY boasts a broad equity base as well as continuously positive results.

SWITCHENERGY applies a clear dividend strategy.

Transparency is a top priority: SWITCHENERGY reports all the details on its financial figures as well as corporate developments.

Small Medium Scale Renewable Energy

SWITCHENERGY is developing Small Medium Scale wind and solar power plants.

These projects will bring solar savings to more than 5.000 homes, including 3.500 low income households.

With a size of less than 5 MW megawatts, these projects require no new transmission upgrades or substations. At no more than 10 hectares each, farmers at these sites benefit from stable income, while maintaining their farming operations on the surrounding land.

To learn how you can sign up to buy your renewable energy, visit our website, we will publish the energy sales agreements of our projects with reliable suppliers.

Power for the people

We're doing energy better — for you and for the environment.

The energy industry in the world is ruled by a handful of complacent dinosaurs peddling fossil fuels, pricing trickery and poor customer service.


We work for you

We do things differently.

The better choice, whether it's for your home, or your business.

We provide an easy, affordable energy option for the World visionary businesses.

Renewable energy as standard

We want to make the eco‐friendly choice the easy choice, so all of our projects making 100% green electricity — and they're no more expensive than our competitors' non‐green tariffs.

And we make sure today's renewables infrastructure keeps on turning, generating clean, green energy to power the World. We want to become the largest generator of small-scale wind and solar projects in Europe and Latin America.

Energy fit for the future.

While we look after your energy supply today, we're also building technology that will define the industry's future, from the big ideas to the small.

Our project

Great value business energy.

It's renewable, too.

Energy for the future

SWITCHENERGY is a project that aims to mobilize citizens and small investors, cooperatives, family offices, municipalities in the transition to a more sustainable and decentralized energy system.

The projects developed through SWITCHENERGY go beyond “business-as-usual”. We do projects that large investors find not interesting either because of their complexity or because of their limited profitability.

Community-owned energy projects can bring considerable benefits to the local community: they trigger new sustainable energy measures, motivate citizens to get involved in the energy transition, create local jobs and generate stable returns for the community’s investors.

More than a million Europeans are united small projects or community projects to jointly invest in the energy transition from fossil and nuclear fuels to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

We are looking to mobilize citizens in Latam to invest in sustainable energy and building tools for themselves and other citizen groups to accelerate the energy transition.

What do we do?

Our goal is to develop community-owned renewable energy projects, through small investors, cooperatives, municipalities.

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Why choose Us

We work for you. We do things differently. The better choice, whether it's for your home, or your business. We provide an easy, affordable energy option for the World visionary businesses.

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Our Mission

SWITCHENERGY is dedicated to promoting new models of renewable energy source small-scales projects and to increasing the number of successful citizen-led renewable energy projects in order to achieve the energy goals by increasing the involvement of small investors.

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SWITCHENERGY will invest primarily in equity, quasi-equity and mezzanine project finance opportunities, investing at least 90% into small scale renewable energy projects and 10% energy efficiency projects.

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