Energy commercialization

Differentiated energy commercialization strategy in each market anchored on energy market fundamentals.

Capital investment

Optimization of capital allocation to each investment phase throughout the life of the asset.

Focus on execution

Disciplined commercial and operational oversight of each asset.

Clients, Partners & Investors

Long term relationships with our clients, partners and investors.

Our business model

A business model where citizens jointly own and participate in renewable energy.

We create a culture of life

Making renewable energy accessible to all.

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Small Medium Scale Renewable Energy, windmills and solar plants makes clean, affordable electricity available for all..

That’s why citizen across the all world are embracing the concept of community renewable energy.

It gives environmentally concerned citizens the opportunity to save real money on their electricity bills, power their homes and businesses with a clean energy source, and support wind and solar projects in their virtual community.

We make agreements to sell energy from our projects with Utility-scale renewable energy, cooperatives renewable energy and private companies.

Citizens can contract their energy from a reliable green energy provider.

SWITCHENERGY is proud to be designing small wind and solar projects in several countries. With each project, we strive to provide clean, conscientious, community-minded wind and solar projects.

The energy transition to energy democracy

European’s and Latam´s energy market is undergoing a fundamental transition from a system based on fossil fuels and nuclear power towards one based entirely on renewable energy.

It is also transforming from a centralised market dominated by large utilities to a decentralised market with millions of active energy citizens or “prosumers”. Without prosumers, the energy transition is not possible. Empowering citizens to produce and consume their own energy is about democratising the energy system.

This energy transition will require a considerable investment that will be paid for by citizens: as consumers, as tax payers or as money savers. Citizens therefore should be at the heart of this energy transition. They should have control of their energy production, transportation, distribution and their energy supply. SWITCHENERGY strongly believes that renewable energy cooperatives are ideal partners to lead the energy transition to energy democracy

Sustainable Investments - Investor Relations

Your involvement in renewable energy SWITCHENERGY is the leading company in citizen participation in the field of renewable energy in Colombia and Spain. We are looking for investors for our first solar power plant in Colombia.

We are currently developing with our own funds 3 solar plants in Colombia and looking to develop our first wind and solar project in Spain.

Our project

Great value business energy.

It's renewable, too.

Energy for the future

SWITCHENERGY is a project that aims to mobilize citizens and small investors, cooperatives, family offices, municipalities in the transition to a more sustainable and decentralized energy system.

The projects developed through SWITCHENERGY go beyond “business-as-usual”. We do projects that large investors find not interesting either because of their complexity or because of their limited profitability.

Community-owned energy projects can bring considerable benefits to the local community: they trigger new sustainable energy measures, motivate citizens to get involved in the energy transition, create local jobs and generate stable returns for the community’s investors.

More than a million Europeans are united small projects or community projects to jointly invest in the energy transition from fossil and nuclear fuels to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

We are looking to mobilize citizens in Latam to invest in sustainable energy and building tools for themselves and other citizen groups to accelerate the energy transition.

What do we do?

Our goal is to develop community-owned renewable energy projects, through small investors, cooperatives, municipalities.

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Why choose Us

We work for you. We do things differently. The better choice, whether it's for your home, or your business. We provide an easy, affordable energy option for the World visionary businesses.

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Our Mission

SWITCHENERGY is dedicated to promoting new models of renewable energy source small-scales projects and to increasing the number of successful citizen-led renewable energy projects in order to achieve the energy goals by increasing the involvement of small investors.

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SWITCHENERGY will invest primarily in equity, quasi-equity and mezzanine project finance opportunities, investing at least 90% into small scale renewable energy projects and 10% energy efficiency projects.

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