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Our goal is to develop community-owned renewable energy projects, through small investors, cooperatives, municipalities.

Developing a greenfield solar project

Developing a greenfield solar project from the beginning adds significant value and return to the project developer. That’s why there’s a rush to develop early-stage solar projects.

Greenfield development is basically the creation of a solar project where there had not previously been one. You find the property, submit an interconnection application and build the project. Easy, right?

Well, the reality of greenfield development is far more complex than most people understand, and it takes several steps before you can put shovels into the ground. First, a full and comprehensive critical-issue analysis must be performed, with particular attention paid to the following:

  • Selecting a state with a solid solar program and easy to navigate and predictable permitting process.
  • Understanding the local government’s views regarding solar and their permitting process. Selecting sites and distribution lines that will have low-cost impact or upgrades needed on the local grid.
  • Securing inexpensive land leases for property that does not have trees, wetlands or suitable habitat for threatened and/or endangered species.
  • Even if you have all those criteria in place, it’s still not enough to guarantee that a greenfield development will go smoothly.

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